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Club Ratings

How do you rate working at JB's Show Place overall as a dancer? (0 - 10)

Management: How were you treated by the management? Were you treated as important to the functioning of the business?

Dressing Room & Facitities: Was there an adequate dressing room area? Was it clean? Were the restrooms adequate? Were you provided adequate security?

Shift Scheduling: How do you rate this club's scheduling of dancers? Was scheduling liberal allowing you to come and go as you please? Or was scheduling rigid, requiring advanced booking or requiring the working of a weekday shift to get a weekend shift?

Dancer Beauty: What is the average attractiveness of the dancers at this club in your opinion? (0 - 10)

Dancer Ethnic Diversity: What was the racial mix of the dancers? Select what the majority of dancers were.

Customer Ratings

Expected Contact: Is it expected that customers will be allowed to touch during private dances?

Customer Spending Rating: Is this club frequented by big spending high-rollers or low spenders?

Customer To Dancer Ratio Rating: How do you rate this club's ratio of customers to dancers? Is this club over-staffed with dancers creating an overly competitive environment? Or are there more than enough customers per dancer to make decent money?

Number Of Customers Per Dancer: What is the approximate number of customers per dancer?

Locals Or Tourists: Do most of the customers live in the area or are they tourists?

Customer Ethnic Diversity: What was the racial mix of the customers? Select what the majority of customers were.

Income & Expenses

Income Rating: How do you rate the money-making potential of this club? (0 - 10)

Your Average Gross Income: How much money do you take home on average after expenses like rent and tip-outs but before taxes? Enter a numeric value.


Fees Rating: How do you rate the fees like rent, tip outs and other fees at this club?

Your Average Fees: On average how much do you pay to dance here each night for all house fees and tip-outs? Enter a numeric value.


Fines: Are there a lot of fines? Do they fine you for being late and other rule enfractions?

Selling Dances: Is it easy to sell private dances here, or difficult?

Your Recommendations

Do you or did you like working at JB's Show Place?

Would you recommend dancing at JB's Show Place to other women?

Is a local adult entertainer license required to work here?

Your Review

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