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Ambiance: Was this club nice? Was it nicely decorated and clean with nice furnishings or was it a rundown dump?

Cover Charge: Was there a cover charge? Was it a good value for the money?

Private Dance Prices: Were private dances a good value or too expensive?

Drink Prices: Were beverage prices a good value or too high?

Food Prices: If they serve food, was it a good value?

Food Quality: If they serve food, was it good? Or was it bad?

Staff Quality: Were you treated well by the bouncers, waitresses, and other club employees? If there was a DJ, was he good or annoying?

Dancer Ratings

Dancer Beauty: Were the dancers mostly attractive? Were there knockouts when you went, or a bunch of dogs?
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Dance Contact Level: Are customers allowed to touch the dancers during private or personal dances?

Dancer Attitudes: Were the dancers nice and friendly? Did they talk to you? Or were they stuck-up, rude, or pushy?

Dancer Quantity: Were there enough dancers and was there enough variety?

Dancer Ethnic Diversity: What was the racial mix of the dancers? Select what the majority of dancers were.

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