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Comments for Silhouettes Showbar in Coopersburg, PA.

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Nickname: Steffy Date: 05-07-2011
I love silhouettes showbar i love working their, and all the girls are sweet, and their are so much hotter girls their now then ever:)P So Get your asses in here lol
Nickname: Steffy Date: 05-07-2011
I think Silhouettes showbar is a very nice strip club, and now we got alot of more hot girls working their:) and its great:)
Nickname: imawesome Date: 05-05-2010
It's a very nice bar but I think the dancers are not very good. I would go to erv's way before this place.
Nickname: 18NPROUD Date: 05-05-2010
I think the dancer lexxi is to old to be a stripper. If i want to see that ill go open the door when my MOM is taking a shower. Give it up girl.

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