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Nickname: Hey!!! Date: 05-03-2013
Don't forget Yummy's party tomorrow 12 noon - until 2am
Drink Specials!!!
Free Food All Day!!!!!
Nickname: Jonathan Date: 04-29-2013
Yummy is a beautiful Dancer.
Nickname: Teddy Stamford, Ct. Date: 04-26-2013
Yeah Guys!!!! Yummy's a great girl. Pleasant to talk to, at least she speaks english! It's refreshing watching her dance..a dancer that can actually dance!!!! and yes.. she is having a party on may 4th, that's a saturday. Whenever Yummy throws a party , everybody shows up because you never know what silly stuff she will be up to! I'll be there..hope you guys will Too!!!
Nickname: Doug Date: 04-24-2013
I heard Yummy is having her party on May 4th for Cinco de Mayo. Anybody else heard anything about that party??? Somebody let me know because I certainlly will be there!!!

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