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Nickname: da 69ers Date: 02-08-2011
Gotta say this place sucks as far as management. Don't get me wrong, the establishment has potential with okay security, full service bar, fairly attractive dancers, and authorized smoking areas but I think the management is lazy. Reason being is because the managers do not hold the dancers accountable for their actions. This happenes every time I have come to visit which were in random intervals in a span of the last two months totaling about 10 times. Not impressed.

I get the impression that dancers are very selective to who they will entertain by just hanging in the VIP section all night instead of greeting potential customers. At least walk around or make rounds to all areas of the bar when not on stage or make eye contact with customers instead of certain individuals. You would think every person that pays money to see the ladies dancing would potentially have lots of money to spend on them especially when alcohol is involved.

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