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Comments for CJ's Revenge Theatre in Glenville, MN.

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Nickname: Owner Date: 07-09-2011
All I can say is this bar is in Myrtle, MN not Glenville.
Nickname: I Love Strip Clubs! Date: 11-01-2010
Every day we get visitors from Minnesota. If our info is inaccurate, we would like to correct it. The reason this club was listed as being in Glenville is because that is what Google Maps, Bing Maps, and phone directories list it as. A search for 204 W Main St., Myrtle, MN, returns the city of Glenville.

Google Map search link: http://tinyurl.com/38b8qev

Reverse phone number lookup also places it in Glenville: http://tinyurl.com/38mwdk3

A guide to Glenville also places the club there: http://www.lakesnwoods.com/Glenville.htm

The most important part is our map generated from the GPS coordinates. If that is wrong, let me know so I can correct it. This link will give you the GPS coordinates for a precise location. Locate the club and I'll check it out:


If people are looking for something, we want them to find it. If you are the owner and you say it is wrong, I'd like to correct it. Thanks for contacting I Love Strip Clubs.

Feel free to email me at stripclubreviews@gmail.com if you wish to discuss this further.
Nickname: OWNER Date: 11-01-2010
I hope noone looks at this site. This business is not in Glenville at all therefore the map is totally wrong. Maybe someone should do some research or better yet take this website down.

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